I am a philosopher and non-fiction writer.

My latest book Bleibefreiheit (“The Freedom to Stay”) came out at the end of May. It is a long essay about life, death, and barn swallows. Bleibefreiheit pursues the idea of understanding our notion of freedom in a temporal way – as enjoyment of fulfilled time. The book was shortlisted for the NDR-non-fiction award. You can listen to me discussing ecological freedom and temporal literacy here.

My previous book, Revolution for Life (S.Fischer 2020), is now out in French and Spanish; further translations into Corean, Greek, Czech and Croatian are underway. I present my critique of capitalist domination in the SystemShift Podcast; the short essay “Reproduction Rebellion” likewise captures some of Revolution for Life‘s core themes.

Praxis und Revolution, the book based on my PhD (supervised by Rahel Jaeggi and Raymond Geuss), is available in English translation by Lucy Duggan from Columbia University Press. Lucy and I chat about the book and its language here; a deeper take on its content can be found in the New Books Network podcast. My more scholarly work on property and authoritarianism builds further on my 2020 article “Ownership’s Shadow“.

At the Cologne Theater, I host the philosophical talk series “Eva and the Apple”. I have a regular column in the Philosophy Magazine, entitled “without banisters”.

My next events can be found here. You can book and contact me via my curatorial collaborator Fulvia Modica (contact@evredecker.net); foreign rights inquiries should be directed to foreignrights@fischerverlage.de.

Eva likes to write by hand and dislikes travelling. Her writing is represented by Agentur Wenner.

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